Twelfth Night

I’m trying to get away from writing about dates (away from celebrating time, as it were), because 1) it bored some of my loyal readers; 2) you can’t keep doing the same thing over and over; 3) if Jesus was actually born, he most likely wasn’t born on December 25; which means the wise men, if there were really wise men following a star, actually didn’t arrive in Bethlehem on January 6; and 4) even if all these things did happen, Pope Gregory stuck 10 days into the calendar in 1582 to make up for Julius Caesar’s miscalculations that were screwing up Easter; and by the time England got around to acquiescing nearly 200 years later they had to add 12 days; and so dates are really not dates, if you follow.

But the 12 days are why the Celts insisted on celebrating Christmas on this night, and since I made this lovely little video with Celtic music in the background, we’ll just use it to put all these date celebrations to bed.

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