Done jumping

IMG_1154-001It’s 32 degrees and drizzling, our driveway is a sheet of ice, and so in compensation I’m remembering last year at about this time when we were on this ship. One day toward the end of the journey they let us take pictures from the zodiac, which is how I got this shot. When we got back on brave people were jumping into the water from the edge of the bow, which, as you can see here, was godawful high.

There was just one young couple on board who’d been jumping and diving and cannon balling in all week from this edge, and I’d rashly promised them I’d join them one day. This day was the last chance, and it was terrifying.

IMG_1192-001You’ll just have to believe  I actually did it, because Chip missed the shot, but here I am afterwards. Still terrified.

Do I wish I could be on that ship now? No, not at all. I’m happy here with the crazy weather swings, with snow, ice and record cold coming; no jumping in the forecast.


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