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Just an average guy around town

This is hilarious. Imagine you’re setting out to rob some banks and post offices, and you want to disguise yourself – turn yourself into just “an average guy around town.” What better idea than one of these masks? Trouble is, … Continue reading

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The Polar Vortex?

I am obsessed with weather, especially in winter, and so I got this very cool weather app on my iPad. See those little snowflakes there in Illinois? As you scroll along through the hours and days it tells you what’s … Continue reading

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The Italians are coming

What I really should be doing, rather than searching for this very funny commercial my sister-in-law showed me last weekend, is figuring out what to say to my Italian class today – but at least what I’m doing, if I … Continue reading

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Remembering Pete Seeger

When I was around 12 I requested this song on a radio station and they played it, announcing my name. It was one of the most exciting moments of my young musical life. It wasn’t until today that I realized … Continue reading

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Why I fill out questionnaires about shopping even though I hate shopping

I worked in marketing research for ten years, and so feel a certain loyalty to organizations that want me to fill out questionnaires or answer phone surveys, except around election time when some surveys are clearly “push-polls,” designed to trick … Continue reading

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I don’t look like this either anymore

Lots of comments (at least for this tiny blog) on my post yesterday, including this, from a private email I hope my private friend won’t mind my posting: The best part of being old is that when you’re at an … Continue reading

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I don’t look like this anymore

At the doctor’s, following the physician assistant. “How are you?” I hear her say. I don’t answer, assuming she must be speaking to someone else, because why would you address a question to someone’s back? (Yes, I know, this sounds … Continue reading

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Maybe I’ll just turn this into a photography blog – so much easier than writing!

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Janus begins

About two weeks ago my neighbor, who loves snowstorms and her snow blower as much as I do, said she was going to the Caribbean this week and asked if I would do her sidewalk in the unlikely event that … Continue reading

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