The Countdown

Today it seems everyone, not just me, is thinking about time, and clocks. Someone has invented a clock that will run for 10,000 years; and there’s a spooky wristwatch that counts down your life for you, but in a happy way (they say):

This is how Tikker works:
Setting up and using TIKKER is incredibly easy. The wearer simply fills out a questionnaire, deducts his/her current age from the results, and TIKKER is ready to start the countdown. With your Tikker you will also receive the book About Time. This is your instruction manual to both Tikker, and time itself. It gives you information, not only on the concept of time – answering questions such as “What is time? When did time begin? Is time endless?” – but it will also guide you through the process of calculating your own life time. Through various questions you will arrive at a figure; this is what set your Tikker on. Although your life’s countdown began the day you were born, Tikker is now there to remind you to make the most of it, AND TO BE HAPPY!

Right. DO NOT give me that watch. I’ve turned off all the analog clocks in our house because they sound like they’re ticking my life away (the one you see at the top is the only survivor, because it ticks so politely).

I would like that book about Time, however, but I don’t want to have to count down my life in order to get it.

And no, I won’t be up tonight at midnight counting down the seconds. I plan to go to bed even earlier than usual.




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3 Responses to The Countdown

  1. curtislauber says:

    Funny, this is one of the few bleak thought habits I do not indulge in. I think this is because of the total uncertainty of whether I will die next year (note I’m ruling out today) or in 25 years.

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