Back again

People (well, about three) keep telling me they wish I still wrote here, and so for the last hour or so I’ve been doing everything but writing here: reading other blogs, rearranging my widgets (those lists of things over on the right), taking pictures of clocks (with my handy new camera that sends pictures directly to my computer, so there’s really no excuse for a delay between a picture-taking and a blog-writing session), changing the aspect ratio of aforesaid clocks, walking around …

The blogs I’ve been reading, I’m a little chagrined to admit, are from a list of the best “senior” (what a ghastly word, though better than “elderly” I guess) blogs. Not much there.

I’d like to promise I’ll keep this up, but who knows. At least this will replace that awful image of the hurricane’s Florida path – my last entry all those months ago.

Things have changed here at WordPress – I see I can choose among seven different formats. Maybe I’ll experiment. This, in case you were wondering, is “standard.”

And I see that WordPress, in its wisdom, tells me my readers may “occasionally” see an ad below my post. Great. Apologies in advance.

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4 Responses to Back again

  1. Curt Lauber says:

    ‘Bout time!

  2. Pam Flynt Tambo says:

    Great! I’ve been wondering about you. I even checked out the blog site once or twice in case I had fallen off the mailing list. Happy New Year!

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