The heavy weight of politics

I heard Rachel Maddow on Fresh Air yesterday, and she was so smart and engaging that I decided I just had to record her show (record, not watch live, because as even she described after listening to Terri Gross play one of her incisive interviews with a homophobe, it made her blood pressure rise so much she wasn’t sure how her listeners could stand the tension, and 9 pm isn’t the best time for a spike in my own blood pressure).

So today I watched her opening monologue, and tension doesn’t begin to describe it. She began back in the infamous year of 2000, the year we’ve all tried to forget, when the Supreme Court, with its current conservative posse joined by Justice Kennedy, gave Bush the election. Those same 5 justices decided that corporations were people, so that elections could be influenced even more by the rich. And now … well, we all know what they’re doing now.

According to a Bloomberg poll, 75% of us think their decision will be more influenced by politics than by legal, i.e. constitutional, considerations. The real question, posed by Maddow, is: Do they care?

I think not.

I am writing this because I really hope to be able to look back and say I was wrong, not I told you so.

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