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The heavy weight of politics

I heard Rachel Maddow on Fresh Air yesterday, and she was so smart and engaging that I decided I just had to record her show (record, not watch live, because as even she described after listening to Terri Gross play … Continue reading

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Water, falling

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911 Memorial

We saw this first: One World Trade Center, fog lifting, unfinished; eerily evocative of the smoke and deep blue sky on that awful day. Water falls in the footprints of the towers: Only one tree from the plaza survived that … Continue reading

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The non-occupation of Wall Street

You’d never know 73 people were arrested there last Saturday – yesterday, workmen were busy fixing up the power outlets under the trees (power outlets under the trees!), and Zuccotti Park was filled with the 1% except for this lonely … Continue reading

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If you go to a place where they speak Spanish and tell them they’ll have to speak English if they want to become a state because it’s a law, they’ll figure that 1) you’re stupid; 2) if you think your … Continue reading

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War wives

Reading about Karilyn Bales’ blog (now removed because her husband is Staff Sgt. Robert Bales) brought me back to those horrible days when Chip was in Vietnam. Days of waking up to news of Pleiku, where he was stationed, the … Continue reading

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Bird by Bird

I heard Anne Lamott on Studio 360 this morning, and although I have very mixed feelings about Anne Lamott, mostly tending toward extreme dislike, and although she does seem quite odd, with her (white, old lady) dreadlocks and wound-up affectless … Continue reading

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