Swimming in the Fifth Dimension

I like to think about people jumping (or being forced) out of their goldfish bowls of certainty. The sun revolved around the earth, until it didn’t. The earth was flat, until it wasn’t.

Paradigm shifts, in other words. When the aliens arrive, or we go there. When neutrinos go faster than light (maybe).

Last week, on Thursday, I had lunch with a friend who’d decided, for some reason I couldn’t quite figure out but which sounded like a good idea, to start doing things she hated. Like shopping, or reading historical novels or books about dreams.

I hate shopping and historical novels too, but I’m pretty interested in dreams. It’s so weird, making up all that stuff in the middle of the night when, by the looks of it, you might as well be unconscious.

So that was a fun conversation, talking about things we hated and why (she’s not interested in any of the things my erstwhile (and late) friend Connie used to call “the spooky stuff” – dreams, or telepathy, or God (my friend’s goldfish bowl is atheism.))

On Friday I walked with another friend, who told me about the time her partner’s obese mother got stuck in a bathtub and had to stay there till her caregivers arrived to haul her out. She (the obese mother) thought it was hilarious, laughing and laughing as they pulled her out.

On Saturday I got an email from my Thursday friend (whom I’d not spoken to since then). I quote:

After all my badmouthing of dreams, I had a weird one last night and told [her husband], who thought it was pretty funny. It involved a bunch of country dudes in their sixties, trying to heave a laughing, nude 300-pound woman out of a tub. Take that, Sigmund.

The scientists at CERN (maybe feeling a little defensive since they haven’t found the God particle yet) are busy coming to Einstein’s defense – like maybe the Opera physicists didn’t measure the neutrinos’ tunnel right, or maybe they forgot about tidal effects (I didn’t realize physicists could be so prosaic).

But I’m hoping what the guy (Joe Lykken) from Fermilab said is right:

“Special relativity only holds in flat space, so if there is a warped fifth dimension, it is possible that on other slices of it, the speed of light is different.”

And that in that warped fifth dimension, my Friday conversation met my friend’s dream.

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