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I love weather. The NOAA forecast is my home page. I participate in live chats with a local weatherman during snowstorms. But I have to admit I’m finding our current situation rather alarming. We are right under the scary red … Continue reading

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My week in retrograde

Saturday evening: huge branch falls from beech tree – the beech tree that used to look like this: Our majestic beech tree, with a trunk you couldn’t get your arms around, a trunk that looked like an elephant foot, suddenly … Continue reading

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Why dead trees still matter

Most of the New Yorker’s articles are behind a subscription wall, but Ryan Lizza’s terrific piece on Michele Bachmann is all here, unfortunately for her. But here’s the best thing about it – if she wanted to tear it out … Continue reading

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Welcome to Verizon Live Chat: The Turing Test

So I have this very tall tree that died all of a sudden. It’s very sad. It so happens that our TV and telephone wires cross from the street to our house right next to this tree, and the tree-cutter-down-guy … Continue reading

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The Breakup

Okay it’s time to do this. I’ve been putting it off for days now but I have to just face facts. Barack, I’m just not this person anymore. I don’t mean the guy with all the buttons on his hat … Continue reading

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