Paging Nick Davies

Oh what a juicy story. Conservative prime minister gets elected with help from world’s most powerful news organization. Tabloid owned by world’s most powerful news organization hacks into celebrities’ phones to get stories, celebrities are bribed to keep quiet, story pretty much goes away for two years.

But Nick Davies, of the Guardian, kept at it – and now all hell is breaking loose. News of the World, the 168-year-old tabloid, is shutting down, after being exposed for hacking into murder and war victims’ phones (everyone but editor Rebekah Brooks, David Cameron’s friend and “like a daughter” to Rupert Murdoch, is let go). Scotland Yard is on the case.

Here’s how Davies sees it:

To me, it isn’t a story about journalists behaving badly. It’s a story about the power elite. It’s about the most powerful news organization in the world. It’s about the most powerful police force in the country. It’s about the most powerful political party in the country. And for good measure, it’s about the Press Complaints Commission, and about how they all spontaneously colluded together to make everybody’s life easier; about the way in which they casually assumed that the law didn’t apply to them; and in which they equally casually assumed it’s perfectly alright to lie to the rest of us because we’re little people; we wouldn’t know that they were doing it.

Watch the video – it sounds even better with a British accent.

But why am I so interested in this? Who, over here, assumes it’s okay to lie to the little people? Fox News. Who owns Fox News? Rupert Murdoch.

Who, over here, supports conservatives? Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. Who owns the Wall Street Journal? Rupert Murdoch. (And by the way, who bribed those original celebrities two years ago? Les Hinton, Rebekah Brooks’ predecessor, now publisher of the WSJ.)

We need our own Nick Davies.


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