Yet another victim

It’s about time for me to give this subject a rest, but I just had to add one more confusing element, having just watched the HBO “Sex Crimes Unit” documentary.

“Nobody deserves to be raped, no matter who they are or what they did,” said Lisa Friel, head of the unit. She was discussing a case in which her unit was able to obtain a guilty verdict, even though the victim was a prostitute.

But then she was taken off the DSK case – maybe because of this:

Lisa Friel, then chief of the Manhattan DA’s Sex Crimes Unit, and a senior investigator with the unit were tossed off the case after an internal battle over how to proceed, and less-experienced replacements ignored their concerns in a rush to present evidence to a grand jury, said multiple sources familiar with the rift.

Friel, who plans to step down on Sept. 1, had grown concerned about discrepancies in the maid’s accounts of the alleged sex attack and got into a shouting match with prosecutor Ann Prunty, who is not part of the unit but was named to the “second chair” at the prosecutor’s table.

Taken off that case, and then possibly fired – supposedly for not giving unaired footage from the documentary about an ongoing case to the defense.

She was such an appealing character, and she was worried about being able to afford her daughter’s college tuition.

Makes me wonder who will be next.

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