Oh, why did I ever write about Anthony Weiner in the first place? Why didn’t I write about global warming or world peace or even Paul Revere? We’re all so sick of this now, even more sick than we were last week, when only one pair of underpants and some girl in Seattle were involved; and I was just beginning to think his stone-walling strategy would work and it would all go away, except of course when Andrew Breitbart is involved these things never go away; but now this week we’re buried under bare chest and cat pictures and revolting Twitter transcripts and 5 more women.

This is it. I’m not writing or reading about it any more. (But I am running imaginary, quite interesting, conversations in my head about the talks Hillary and Huma must be having.)

And I’m wondering: If power is such an aphrodisiac, such an ego-trip, what are women doing with all that extra energy?

*The title means “enough” in Italian, where I’m sure they’re as fed up with sex scandals as we are.

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  1. Curt says:

    Also in Spanish.

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