If you can read this you’re still alive

Botticelli's Mystic Nativity (with an inscription saying the world would end in 1504)

The world has been supposed to end only about 30 times,13 in just my lifetime, so it’s not unreasonable to assume that once again it didn’t, but if it did, this blog and this blog post are still around and, actually, so am I (but maybe not you, if you’re one of the 144,000 who got taken up to heaven already), assuming the Rapturous are correct, in which case I’ll have to write another post just like this next October 21, when the world ends for all the rest of us as the world goes up in flames. (Question: does cyberspace burn?)

Cheery people, those Camping followers. It should be a great fireworks show for them up there.

Of those 30 world-ending times, I think the funniest is the woman in 1814 who predicted she’d give birth to the Second Christ on Christmas Day that year. Trouble was, she was a virgin (which shouldn’t have stood in her way), 60 years old (still possible, I suppose), and (most difficult obstacle to overcome) she died on that day instead. Very precise prediction; too bad it was the wrong event.

Happy end times (and don’t forget, if Camping was wrong, we still have 2012 to look forward to)!

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