Hawk Team 6?

Luckily I’d gotten through two of the three New York Times I was behind (which took a long time what with the details of the bin Laden raid – 100 thumb drives and DVDs and computers and handwritten journals and how did they organize how to get all that stuff out of there and is it like an archeology site, where you have to be careful to note the location of everything you found?) before I learned that a baby hawk – an eyass – hatched yesterday!

They’re not dead! But apparently Violet has some plastic wrapped around her leg and may have to get visited by a hawk rehab expert, but how on earth would they do that with a little hawk waiting

If you look closely, you can just make out the swelling on Violet's right leg - but she's still able to feed her chick!

there, and another due to hatch any minute?

Iit’s 76 degrees, the sun is shining and I have places to go and plants to plant but here I sit, watching Violet and her poor swollen leg, waiting for a hawk expert to drop down like the Seal Team 6.

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