Avian update

My daughter is a cancer doctor, and sees a lot of suffering and dying; and yet (possibly in compensation) she can’t stand to hear anything about animals suffering or dying. When I told her about the hawks and eagles I was watching she told me not to tell her anything about it till all the baby birds were alive and out of the nest (once, when she was young, we watched some baby robins hatch right outside our window, and then die – which probably has more to do with her aversion than the dying people).

So I’m not going to tell her about the hawks, who keep sitting on eggs the experts say are never going to hatch.

She’s going to be sitting,” Mr. Blakeman said. “She doesn’t count days. She just sits. She sees an egg and she has a compulsion to do that. But that biological compulsion tends to evaporate as days get longer.” He said he had seen mother hawks tend their eggs for as long as a month after their expiration date and allowed “it’s a really pitiful thing.

I won’t say anything about the eagles either, since (different) experts tell us 40% of them die trying to learn to fly – but so far they’re doing fine, working on growing up.

Yesterday I thought it had snowed again when I saw this:

The white on the tree isn’t snow, but just white on the tree; and the fuzzy white on our eaglet’s head isn’t snow, but little white feathers.

He’s got a long way to go, though, to become more like Daddy (or Mommy):

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