Obama got Osama

Under Obama’s leadership, they found him (which President Bush couldn’t do, in all of his eight years). Obama authorized the mission (which President Clinton, when they found Osama in the late 90s, was afraid to do because of potential civilian casualties); and the mission was successful (unlike poor President Carter’s disaster in Iran). It’s going to be a bit hard to question his leadership, as 47% did in the last Gallup poll; or whether he can “keep us safe.”

No matter what his college grades were. But this could be a real opportunity for Mr. Trump. There’s the DNA evidence and the lab that produces it to question; there’s the picture, if they release one – photo-shopped? And there’s the whole ocean to troll for the body.

I wish him well – very well. It would be so nice to have him on the 2012 ballot.

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3 Responses to Obama got Osama

  1. Brandon says:

    Are you KIDDING ME?!?! Obama has failed miserably and when the Department of Defense and the CIA (with other intel agencies) locate and kill him it’s all praise to Obama? It wasn’t Obama’s plan that killed him, just his order. Had it been any other President at thte time (of either party) the same situation would have presented itself because of the intelligence gained through the mistakes of Bin Laden and his people. Nice try.

    • bobbie says:

      Thanks for your comment, Brandon. I’m going to respond in a future post, with a bit more evidence than I’ve provided so far, but first I have to write about hawks!

      Keep checking back, and thanks for reading.

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