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Mea culpa

Okay, I’ve been feeling bad about that last sentence in that last post, about how if you’re Catholic it’s important not to think too much. It was snarky and ill-considered, but the main problem with it is that it confuses … Continue reading

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Father knows best

My mother stopped going to church when they started saying the Mass in English. I would have too, except that I’d already thrown myself out in violent protest years before. I loved the Latin, the incense, the fancy priestly robes, … Continue reading

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Reality TV, eagle style

There are three babies, not even a week old. The nest has a little pantry at the front, filled with food (that’s about as far as I’ll go with the description); the nursery’s at the rear. The female was there … Continue reading

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For Connie

I’ve been putting off writing about Connie, my 16-years-older-than-I friend, who (as she and I joked) was my beacon into what growing old was like.  Way back when I first started this blog, I wrote about her. Connie taught me … Continue reading

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April is the cruelest month

When I first moved here from the northern suburbs of New York City (having spent nearly every summer and the previous four years in Massachusetts), the first thing I noticed was how much earlier spring came (I also couldn’t figure … Continue reading

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