The mystic marriage of Catherine of Middleton

Although I got up at 5:30 to watch, I saw none of the pre-wedding coverage, so these observations are un-mainstream-media-biased, except for the few words I heard Anderson Cooper utter (and the many words in the very annoying voice of Vera Wang that I tried to ignore).

  • I’d make a terrible fashion commentator. I have no idea why everyone (well, Vera Wang, at least) was so surprised at Kate’s dress.
  • Actually, I liked Pippa’s dress better.

    • And what’s with the hats?

But moving on to more important things:

  • Harry and Pippa would be gorgeous together. Plus, he had a lot more gold braid.
  • The Queen looked kind of out of it during the ceremony, but she seemed to know she’s not supposed to sing to God to save her.
  • Prince William (who’s balding!) looked like “What did I get myself into?” during the ceremony (but you can’t really blame him, I guess, since he had to sit there listening to all those prayers and speeches instead of  getting to kiss the bride right away and then walk triumphantly down the aisle).
  • And speaking of all those prayers, weren’t there an awful lot of God references for a country where only 35% of the people believe in Him?
  • And also speaking of which, although it seems nicely fitting that Catherine Middleton chose the feast day of St. Catherine of Siena for her wedding day, it’s also a little creepy, seeing as how St. Catherine was mystically married to Jesus.

    Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine of Siena, by Clemente de Torres

And finally, from the animal kingdom:

  • The Royal Cavalry don’t post, adding a nice bouncy effect.
  • My cat loved the Royal Flyover.
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