Early death by hawk

I read somewhere that just sitting is the absolute worst thing you can do, and that even if you reach down and tie your shoes it’s better for you than just sitting.

And so I guess I can blame these hawks (as well as the left-leaning liberal unreliable New York Times*) for the current state of my health, because the aforesaid New York Times keeps telling us the eggs are “about to hatch!” (that was the day before yesterday); “due any second!” (yesterday); and no update yet today, from either hawks or Times.

They did have a changing of the guard, resulting in the no-crack no-beak eggs you see here. And so I’m just sitting, with very tied shoes.

*for anyone new here, I thought I’d better note that this is meant tongue in cheek (a very odd expression that one truly unreliable source says is derived from the “fact” that when you stick your tongue in your cheek it makes you wink (but not me); and that Wikipedia (sometimes reliable, sometimes not) says you can illustrate with an emoticon, viz. a colon and a capital P (which, when I try to write it here, WordPress turns into
:P). In any case (as a friend of mine says all the time in order to transition her monologue from one subject to another), I find the Times normally quite reliable and not at all left-leaning, as evidenced by this highly irritating quote from yesterday:

…as Representative Daniel Webster, a freshman Republican from Florida, faced an unruly crowd at a packed town meeting in Orlando, where some people, apparently organized or encouraged by liberal groups…

But thank you, gray lady, for the hawk cam (and, btw, no babies yet).

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