Times have changed

In addition to the traditional egg roll and an Easter egg hunt, activity stations will be set up to offer something for everyone, including storytime with Sesame Street characters and other celebrities, musical performances, an egg decorating workshop, a yoga garden, a dance party, an obstacle course, basketball, tennis and a healthy eating demonstration in the White House kitchen garden. Of course, no Easter egg roll or hunt would be complete without an appearance from the Easter Bunny, who will officially kick things off.

Back in the dull Eisenhower times the whole thing was pretty stupid. They gave us some sort of long spoon to push a few eggs along the scruffy lawn; you had to stay inside the lines like kindergarten coloring. We didn’t know anybody, and there didn’t seem to be much point – though it looks like at least we got an egg. And we wouldn’t have known what an activity station was if we fell over it.

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2 Responses to Times have changed

  1. terrymarotta says:

    it LOOKS sad! You all look like little wandering waifs. The lawn looks like hell too.
    I thought it was the kids of staff and Secret Service agents who got to do this. How’d you get in there?

    (really you look kind of cute. :-))

    • bobbie says:

      These days you get tickets in a lottery. Back then, maybe our parents signed up for tickets through their Congressman, or maybe we just lined up?

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