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The mystic marriage of Catherine of Middleton

Although I got up at 5:30 to watch, I saw none of the pre-wedding coverage, so these observations are un-mainstream-media-biased, except for the few words I heard Anderson Cooper utter (and the many words in the very annoying voice of … Continue reading

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Early death by hawk

I read somewhere that just sitting is the absolute worst thing you can do, and that even if you reach down and tie your shoes it’s better for you than just sitting. And so I guess I can blame these … Continue reading

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From the outside in

I’ve been feeling exasperated with Heather Armstrong lately (and why do I keep reading, you might ask), the one whose blog makes so much money her husband quit his job just to manage her business and who has two … Continue reading

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Times have changed

In addition to the traditional egg roll and an Easter egg hunt, activity stations will be set up to offer something for everyone, including storytime with Sesame Street characters and other celebrities, musical performances, an egg decorating workshop, a yoga … Continue reading

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Eagle addict

“You Know You’re Addicted to the Decorah Eagles When …”, went the headline in the Huffington Post yesterday. It went on to tell us we’d know if, for example, we’d stopped watching television, or carried the computer into the kitchen. … Continue reading

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Hypnosis by eagle

So calming and mesmerizing, watching this little eagle household . The eaglets, just two weeks old, are so much bigger now. Like little kids needing one more story or drink of water, they seem to resist getting tucked under their … Continue reading

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Mea culpa

Okay, I’ve been feeling bad about that last sentence in that last post, about how if you’re Catholic it’s important not to think too much. It was snarky and ill-considered, but the main problem with it is that it confuses … Continue reading

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Father knows best

My mother stopped going to church when they started saying the Mass in English. I would have too, except that I’d already thrown myself out in violent protest years before. I loved the Latin, the incense, the fancy priestly robes, … Continue reading

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Reality TV, eagle style

There are three babies, not even a week old. The nest has a little pantry at the front, filled with food (that’s about as far as I’ll go with the description); the nursery’s at the rear. The female was there … Continue reading

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