Tracy Grammer, by herself


From the moment I first saw Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer I was spellbound. He was the songwriter, writing intricate paragraphs of verses; she was the talented fiddler.

She would barely say a word, standing in her shapeless dress and glasses, occasionally looking shyly at him. He’d hog the stage, but when they both sang their voices harmonized like they’d been meant for each other.

It was never clear whether they were a couple or not – he wrote Gentle Arms of Eden in a dream, and he says it’s about the planet, but I always thought it was about her. Watch, toward the end of the video, how they look at each other.

We saw them perform a few times, and then he died. We saw her shortly afterwards at the Main Point in Bryn Mawr, part of her Dave Carter Memorial Tour, where she said she’d discovered him dead in his hotel room. Now, her website says he died in her arms.

Last night, we saw her again. She’s come out of her cocoon – she’s funny, and talkative, and her voice is still spellbinding when she sings his songs alone. I’d so much love to think he’s up there somewhere, listening, missing her.

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2 Responses to Tracy Grammer, by herself

  1. tracy says:

    hi there,

    thanks so much for the post, and all the kind words.

    i wanted to set the record straight about dave’s death — we shared a hotel room on july 18 and on the morning of july 19, he died in that room shortly after returning from a run. i have no reason to have ever stated otherwise.

    all my best wishes,

    • bobbie says:

      I’m so sorry, Tracy! I feel both honored, and slightly chagrined, that you read this, given that my memory was faulty. You are a wonderful singer and performer, and I really do hope he’s somewhere listening.

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