From more years ago than I am willing to admit …

Tina and I have a loan club. Every week we put in our allowance ($1.00), and if we ever want to borrow money we take it and pay interest on it. Yesterday we gave each other our money back and divided up the interest. The interest was 15 cents, so we gave each one 7 cents. There was one penny left, so we sawed it in half and I drilled a hole in mine. I have it on a chain around my neck. It’s sort of like a friendship ring so I’ll never take it off until Tina and I have a fight.

Funny, that I said until we have a fight, instead of unless – was I in the habit of fighting a lot? And, possibly more alarming: where did two 12 year olds get a metal saw and drill, and how did they know how to saw and drill a penny?

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