From Japan: Adjustment please!

It must have been pre-cognition, or maybe my Adjusters stuck the thoughts in my head, but it was strange seeing The Adjustment Bureau yesterday after writing what I wrote below.

It still makes the most sense to me, that we are some sort of experiment that Adjusters tinker with every so often. In the movie, Matt Damon is told (by one of his Adjusters) that the Bureau pulled back at the height of the Roman Empire, but intervened again during the Dark Ages, bringing mankind the Renaissance. They quit again in 1910, and “Look what happened,” the Adjuster said.

A diverting little movie – but why do they have to stick in long chase scenes and car crashes? And I’m sorry, but even though I think Matt Damon is a great actor, I can’t stand to look at him, so I spent the love scenes feeling sorry for Emily Blunt enduring those long open-mouthed kisses.

And that issue of theodicy: well, there’s free will, which can sometimes override The Chairman’s plan. But it doesn’t quite work, I’d say, for earthquakes, tsunamis, and now snowstorms in Japan.

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