How not to format your blog for a design afficionado

I’m experimenting with how to place these photos, because a friend, who has an acute sense of design, wants to have more control over where her photos end up than WordPress seems to allow; and, I have to admit, it’s a frustrating process: the preview always looks different from the draft, and sometimes you can move the pictures around in Visual mode with the little handles, and sometimes you can’t; and sometimes you can’t get back to your text in Visual, so you have to go to HTML, but then you can’t see what it looks like, and I have a bad feeling WordPress makes it so difficult so that you’ll pay to upgrade, where maybe it’s easier, but then do you have to know HTML?

And this friend has a Mac, where WordPress works slightly differently; and she doesn’t use a mouse, so things slide all over the place and disappear and generally drive her so crazy she starts thinking she needs to go go Tumblr, or maybe a more format-friendly place like Blogspot, but they seem to have fewer options for templates…
Sorry to be so boring, but maybe the pretty pictures help – and, as they say in advertising, just add a baby and everything will be fine, so here’s my great- or grand- (not sure which it should be) nephew, on the right, I hope.

(ps: if I were Heather Armstrong, I’d get 12,000 comments on how to move my pictures around – but Heather Armstrong doesn’t need to ask her readers in the first place, because her blog makes so much money she’s able to pay her husband to design it. And, besides, I wouldn’t like being married to a husband that geeky.)

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