Almost famous

Island Windjammers, the company whose sailing ship we went on (something wrong about that grammar somehow), posted my trip video on their Facebook page, and (as of this very minute) 477 people have watched it on YouTube.

It still seems weird to me that companies have Facebook pages, but it’s free marketing, so why not. Don’t you think they should pay me something though, given the following comments?

Kathy Lyman What a great video! I got chills on the Amazing Grace part.
Wednesday at 10:46am ·

Dawn Waterman-Kelsey God Bless you, Bobbie Harvey, for the virtual vacation!
Wednesday at 1:37pm

Claire Lopez I’m SOLD! Thanks for sharing. That one should go on the website.

Blessed I am, and so, since my lonely little blog hasn’t even seen it yet, here it is:

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