For Vivaldi: Gatti and Baudelaire

I want to hear Vivaldi today! If you can play Beethoven all day long on his birthday, why can’t you play Vivaldi today (I say to my local classical music station)? Or there’s that new flute concerto they just discovered in Scotland, but I’d have to go to the Philadelphia Orchestra tonight to hear its U.S. premiere, and I can’t stand the principal flutist there.

So, instead, here’s a video with one of his (more than 500) concertos – the Concerto for Mandolin and Orchestra. The video is a little confused about what it’s trying to be – it’s going to be about Earth, and space; oh, take that back – it’ll be in Italian, about cats; okay, yes, there are lots of cats; and oh, yes, Baudelaire wrote a poem about cats, let’s put that in here even though it’s in French …

But it’s a sweet little video, if you like cats:

(and also, sorry, they disabled the embedding for some reason, but you won’t mind going to YouTube after all this, right?)

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