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I’m standing in my kitchen, talking with my air conditioning man. His 13 year old daughter and his wife have terrible fights, just as his wife and her own mother did. He tells his daughter it’s up to her: she … Continue reading

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One more pretext for the tea-party House Republicans

Yesterday I learned from NPR that you can only make all the hair on a beach ball lie flat if you’re in a world with more than three dimensions. I was wishing I could crawl inside of the mind of … Continue reading

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Just keep believing

I keep thinking about those Singular computers, the ones Kurzweil thinks are working on getting smarter than us. They’ll be passing Turing Tests, convincing humans they’re human, maybe even enslaving us, but also doing all kinds of incredible things. According … Continue reading

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326 years ago …

Bach on the radio all day today – what could be better, on a cozy rainy day?

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Obama: call home!

If I were Persian I’d have the whole house all cleaned for Nowruz, and tonight at 7:21 we’d put on new clothes and have a meal with friends and family; but instead we’ll put on our old clothes and celebrate … Continue reading

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Tracy Grammer, by herself

  From the moment I first saw Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer I was spellbound. He was the songwriter, writing intricate paragraphs of verses; she was the talented fiddler. She would barely say a word, standing in her shapeless dress … Continue reading

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From more years ago than I am willing to admit …

Tina and I have a loan club. Every week we put in our allowance ($1.00), and if we ever want to borrow money we take it and pay interest on it. Yesterday we gave each other our money back and … Continue reading

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