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Purple Heart is an organization that has something to do with veterans and beyond that I don’t much care what they do, because they call me up every so often and offer to pick up stuff I don’t want right from my front porch. (Some organization called American Family does the same thing, but I started boycotting them when I figured out (perhaps wrongly) that if they were called American Family they probably believed in Family Values, which to me means valuing only straight families.)

I love that feeling of having cleaned stuff out, and so now I’m doing the same thing with all those bookmarks I organized yesterday since I have such a ridiculous number of them. I started this morning with my bookmarked blogs, which (as of yesterday) are organized into folders: Personal, Science, and Technology.

The personal ones, the so-called diary blogs, are my favorite. I read most of them every day (which leads me to muse about why I don’t write more personally, but that’s a story for another day). After my cleaning out just now, I have 15 remaining, and here they are:

  • Blogs written by my friends (n = 3). One is Terry’s – she’s a professional writer, and she writes very personally (in a way I can’t quite bring myself to do, but again, more about that later). One is Tina’s – she’s an artist, living up in Joshua Tree painting, taking photographs, and telling us (mostly showing us, since she’s an artist) what it’s like to live this enviable life.  And the third, by a friend of Chip’s who became a friend of mine, is so personal I’m not even going to link to it. I almost gave him to Purple Heart today, since he hadn’t written for 9 months, but I guess he was gestating something. It has become quite powerful. Again, I can’t imagine writing like this – but it sure brings me back there every day.
  • Next are the blogs by friends of friends or people I distantly know: the one by the daughter of a friend’s friend, who (the blogger) teaches English at our local high school, writes well, and writes personally; the one by the daughter of a friend’s partner, who (the blogger) was given up for adoption and only fairly recently found her birth mother (my friend’s partner), and the one I discovered by reading the comments on her (the birth-mother-finder) blog (both these two write so personally it sometimes makes me cringe, but they keep me coming back); and the one by a guy I interviewed a few years ago for our local paper, who’s a professor at Swarthmore. His is quite a bit less personal than the others I mention, and I find I only like reading his when he talks about his daughter, or his tomatoes.
  • Then some random ones by people I don’t know: Heather Armstrong, the person who got fired when she wrote about her job on her blog, who as a result got so famous her husband could quit his job because of all her advertising and product-shilling that drives me almost so crazy I really should give her away to Purple Heart, but for some reason I keep reading (no link; she’s got too many readers already); two sisters who live the rich white life in South Africa, here and here; Dan Savage‘s love and sex advice (not really a blog, but I have no love and sex advice folder); a guy who writes for an Australian newspaper (it’s called “All Men are Liars, and can be pretty interesting and racy at times); and a blog by someone who commented on my blog once, a long time ago.
  • And finally, my guilty admission: the blog of Bristol Palin’s estranged husband’s sister. (It’s terrible: don’t go there!)

And there you have it – and don’t worry, I’m not going to enumerate my 20 science and technology blogs. I have to work on my personality instead.

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One Response to My ♥ Blogs

  1. Tina says:

    I am honored to have made the cut and not been given away to Purple heart. 🙂

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