Bookmark OCD

I’m not sure what I’d do without my bookmarks, probably more than 100 of them, that parade down the left side of my computer screen like this:

Firefox has an add-on called x-marks that stores your bookmarks in some cloud up in the computer sky, so that you can transfer them to another computer like your notebook (and yes, I know notebooks are so yesterday, and I’m working myself up to either a Macbook Air or an iPad, but my friends who have Macs keep complaining about not having any idea where things are on their Macs, and, as you’ll soon see, being computer-organized is pretty important to me). So on vacation my little notebook asked me if I wanted to merge my bookmarks, and I stupidly said yes (synchronize is the right answer), and my bookmarks on both computers proceeded to duplicate themselves.

And so now we’re talking at least 200 bookmarks, if not more, because I think they’d cloned themselves at least once before.

Yesterday I cleaned out this particular closet, and I’m feeling very pleased with myself, except that it made me pay attention to the overwhelming number of bookmarks I still have. It’s like the piles of books and magazines that I get worried I’ll never read. The good thing, though, is Folders. Here’s what it looks like with them all closed up:

Just like those staged houses that look like no one lives in them.

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