Beaten up in Egypt

Egypt has been hard on the pundits. It’s just hard to know what to make of  it, with  John McCain calling for Mubarak to resign and Glenn Beck screaming Mubarak has to stay (imagine the dilemma this puts Fox News in). And who gets the credit for this democratic uprising? Little W, for the Iraq domino effect (although those dominoes took an awful long time falling, and did so much damage as they fell)? Condi Rice, for her 2005 Cairo oratory, or Obama, for his in 2009?

And it was especially hard on Anderson Cooper:

This video was painful to watch. Gorgeous, rich Anderson Cooper, symbol of American exceptionalism, almost beaten up by Mubarak’s thugs.

Bush, Condi, Obama – the protests really had nothing to do with them; and America, despite over a billion in foreign aid to Egypt, has very little influence on the outcome.

I fear it’s not going to end well in Egypt.

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