Syncretic Quiz

Here’s a quiz for long-time Celebrating Time readers. I do this despite my loyal reader(s) who (politely) complain when I write about Jesus and saints (although today is only a little about Jesus, and the part that is is pretty gruesome; and the saint is sort of a pagan saint), because it’s such a syncretic day, celebration piled on celebration; and if a blog called Celebrating Time ignores a day of at least seven piles, it really ought to change its name, and we’ve been through that already.

Okay, here we go: Guess the celebration, and choose which you’d like to celebrate today (answers appear at the end in the cool upside-down text created, appropriately enough, by the Flip Txt Generator). The best celebration is, of course, up to you.

You can milk your lambs (good luck with that!)

You can run around naked and hit people with thongs (good luck with that too)

You can make a cool little cross, if you're into crosses

You can get some candles blessed

This is the gruesome one

This is the most obscure (I just learned about it in the Times yesterday): but if you know what it is, you can proceed accordingly

Yes I know, we're all sick of this one

Answers: ʎɐp boɥpunoɹb ;ɐıɹɐ1ǝpuɐɔ ;uoısıɔɯnɔɹıɔ ǝɥʇ ɟo ʇsɐǝɟ ;sɐɯǝ1puɐɔ ;ʎɐp s,pıbıɹq .ʇs ;ɐı1ɐɔɹǝdn1 ;ɔ1oqɯı

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