Same tree (see below)

It was such a lovely cocoon day yesterday. It must be left over from school closing, that feeling of being wrapped in extra-ordinary time, with permission to do anything – sit in a chair and read, take a bath, or, as happened to me yesterday, get all kinds of extremely boring things done, like installing an external hard drive to back up my un-backed-up computer and seasoning a frying pan (a cool 15 hour process that turns an ugly rusty cast iron pan into a thing of beauty) and finding a place to donate canned goods for my cleaned-out pantry cabinet and finishing my garden seed order and, every time I felt just the slightest bit bored, checking the weather.

And now, it’s time to snowblow.

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1 Response to Same tree (see below)

  1. Curtis says:

    Isn’t that the way the sages describe enlightenment?

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