Fare well, Keith

Amazing what you can read into a face. Exhibit 1:

Exhibit 2:

Think about this: if you had to work for, or with, either Keith Olbermann or Lawrence O’Donnell, or if you had to manage one or the other of them, who would you choose?

The answer’s pretty easy. What made Keith so dynamic is also what would have made him insufferable, if you had to work with him.

And I feel slightly guilty for admitting this, but I don’t miss him all that much. Lawrence O’Donnell is a very decent, smart human being, and he doesn’t have all those irritating Keith mannerisms. Plus, it was so sweet what he said about his mother being able to watch his show now without falling asleep because he used to be on so late (a little scary, my compatibility with Lawrence O’Donnell’s mother*).

I do feel bad for Olbermann sitting at home (do I remember that he lives all by himself in some Manhattan apartment?), not even able to make a Special Comment about what on earth happened there; and watching O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow handling his absence just fine, thank you.

*But if I had been Lawrence O’Donnell’s mother, I would have taped his show, as I did for both him and Rachel Maddow last night, so I guess I needn’t feel as old as Lawrence O’Donnell’s mother.

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