Some things I’ve learned in the past alarming week:

  1. If an airline agent tells you something you don’t like, call back and ask another agent the same question. Over the course of three nerve wracking days, five different British Airways agents told me, literally, that:
  • she can’t hold reservations on American Airlines
  • he could hold it for 48 hours
  • your reservations are being illegally held
  • she could extend them till January 30, but since, technically, they’re not allowed to hold AA reservations,  AA might cancel them at any time, without notifying me
  • and the final straw to break this poor camel’s back – this agent looks at the reservation, says Oh! let me check on this, puts me on hold but actually disconnects me
  • and when I finally reach the next agent, after the 15 minute wait (I could sing you the BA on-hold music), with my broken back, she says Oh, are you calling about the canceled reservation?
    2. If you’re trying to install a feature of McAfee Internet Security (for which you don’t have a registration email address, because it was installed by a computer consultant), do NOT sign up for the online chat with someone in India, and, by all means, do NOT uninstall McAfee when he tells you to (because then, he says, you’ll be able to reinstall it with the feature you want), because what he’s trying to do is make you pay for it all over again. 

    And the last very alarming thing (and, sorry, a small, not alarming but very annoying thing is that I can’t get this paragraph to non-indent), from which I’ve only learned to be afraid, is that as I tried to open up Firefox to write this, the terrifying DOS blue screen appeared, telling me I had a fatal error, and I should restart my computer. It restarted, it said it had recovered from a fatal error (did I want to notify Microsoft? no, really, please, no; I promise I won’t think about getting a Mac instead, even though that’s exactly what I need); but I type now so very tentatively.

    Mercury’s not even in retrograde.

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One Response to Aggros

  1. Amanda Bayley says:

    My thoughts exactly! This one made me laugh so much! I am right there with you! Hope you are doing great 🙂

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