The other day a very very Catholic friend of mine (well, I’d have to say she’s more of an acquaintance, because I have to curmudgeonly admit that I have a hard time with the fixed views of very very Catholics, or of very very religious people in general, or generally with anyone with very very fixed views) … anyway, this very very Catholic person was showing me a gorgeous Saints calendar that, ironically, my true-atheist friend gave her several years ago – and, I have to admit, I felt covetous of that calendar. I wanted it; I wanted to go back to writing about all those crazy saints and how their heads got cut off or they burned to death all those many years ago on the very day I was writing, except for Pope Gregory adding all those days to the calendar so you can’t rely on things having happened on the very same day at all, which kind of obviates the whole idea of Celebrating Time, which may be part of the reason why I gave it up, but mostly it’s just that I got tired of feeling like I had to write it every day.

All of which is to say that I do miss Celebrating Time, even though I like the freedom of Refraction, not having to write every day or do those long searches trying to figure out what happened on each particular day.

And then…and then…Epiphany! On Epiphany! I can do both, like today, or one, or the other, or neither.

Who knew?

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