I’m so fair and balanced I might have to shoot myself

My new hospice patient had Fox News on yesterday, and now you can find me inside the fair and balanced bubble. The Obamas’ vacation? Well, they got criticized for going to Acadia instead of the Gulf Coast, so now they’re going to Pensacola. It’s all a political stunt: you know Bill Clinton did polling to figure out where he should go. Fortunately, the two Bushes and Reagan had their own compounds for their vacations.

And do you know why the Democrats are turning against Obama’s Afghanistan policies? Well, they really don’t care for foreign military engagements in the first place, so they had to bite their tongues about Afghanistan, but now that it doesn’t look so good they’re reverting to their default position.

And a lot of people in Arizona were waiting with bated breath (and appearing every fifteen minutes) for the judge’s ruling on their immigration law and they were sure the judge would see it their way, because the administration clearly doesn’t care about all the criminals preying on the white people there.

And I also now know more than I ever wanted to about the couple whose son died in Iraq (“Thank you for your service,” says the chirpy pretty anchor lady) who are being told by his cemetery to take down the ten-foot flagpoles they put up.

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