I ♥ Rachel Maddow

She had the temerity to criticize the reverse racism and “manufactured outrage” of Fox News, so Bill O’Reilly thought he’d take her down a peg or two by mocking her. It didn’t work. You have to watch this – she’s so calm and funny and incisive all at the same time.

My favorite quote:

You were trying to take the attention off me saying that your network, FOX News, continually crusades on flagrantly bogus stories designed to make white Americans fear black Americans, which FOX News most certainly does for a political purpose even if it upends the lives of individuals like Shirley Sherrod, even as it frays the fabric of the nation, and even as it makes the American Dream more of a dream and less of a promise.

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2 Responses to I ♥ Rachel Maddow

  1. M says:

    she was brilliant…and the quote you wrote was point-perfect plus her following line:

    “….but even if no one watches us at all, except for my mother, and my girlfriend and people who forgot to turn off the TV after Keith, you are still wrong on what really matters, and that would be the facts, Your Highness.”

    So well said.

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