Breitbart the Fox

Only Rachel Maddow got it right. Be afraid, white people, be very afraid.

No one had ever heard of poor Shirley Sherrod until Andrew Breitbart (who has replaced his former mentor Matt Drudge as the prime bottom-feeder for Fox News) got ahold of her. He twisted her story to fit his narrative: ACORN, the NAACP, black people in the Obama administration – they’re all racist, and they’re coming to get you, white people. They’re going to take all the things you’ve pulled yourselves up by your bootstraps to get, and give them away to black people.

And it all starts with Obama, of course, which is why Breitbart’s timing is so calculated. Check it out: ACORN and health care reform. Shirley Sherrod and financial reform. Create a media firestorm; eclipse Obama.

How did the latest storm start? When the NAACP dared criticize the Tea Party for racism. Have you ever seen their signs? “Obama’s Plan: White Slavery.” “Save White America.”

It takes a clever man, doing the Atwater-Rove school one better, to take this criticism and throw it back, using a phony tape and Fox News. And it takes a very clever man to somehow escape criticism of his own role, by turning the whole dirty story into a criticism of the Obama administration, even from the likes of Keith Olbermann.

Be afraid, America, be very afraid, of the Breitbart/Fox/Murdoch media empire.

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One Response to Breitbart the Fox

  1. Curtis says:

    I’m sure glad you moved on from your apolitical phase!

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