Balls, octopuses, and parakeets

I guess I’ve been really out of it this week, since I wasn’t even sure what sport LeBron James played, and I’d never heard of the German octopus till this morning.

I woke up to something like “The German octopus predicted that Spain would win the World Cup this afternoon” on NPR, and couldn’t figure out if I’d dreamt it. What German octopus? And how on earth can an octopus predict anything?

Well, so now I know how (it gets two boxes with a mussel and a flag in its aquarium, and the one it opens first is its prediction), and that it has gotten all seven of the World Cup games they put to it correct.

Just think about the (human) thought process it took to come up with this crazy scheme – not only the thing about the box and the mussels and the flags, but an octopus? In Germany?

Turns out there’s also a parakeet, in Singapore (both the creature and country seem somehow more plausible), who’s predicted a Netherlands win.

What if they had a cage match between the octopus and the parakeet before the game today? In a cage half water and half air; a pretty big cage, with mussels in boxes and little cards and maybe a perch for the parakeet…

I think I was better off out of it.

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One Response to Balls, octopuses, and parakeets

  1. M says:

    …and in Africa they’re throwing animal bones to make predictions about the World Cup. Regardless of who wins it will be a their first World Championship. I have a bet on the Netherlands (winning late in the game with a penalty kick) even though I believe the bookies favor Spain.

    As for LeBron James, it’s his decision and he wants a championship. I wish him well in Miami. If you ever wanted to know more about him see the movie “More Than A Game” about his high school years.

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