My so-called Spokeo life

Thanks to my brother, who sent me a spooky link with “they know who you are” in the subject line, I now know that Spokeo does know who I am.

Sort of.

They have a very spooky picture of the street I live on (but not my house, or I’d really feel stalked), and they know exactly how many years I’ve lived here. They know how many children I have, and their ages; that I play sports and like to read; and that I have cats.

They’ve very kindly granted me a “graduate degree” (or maybe that means just college); they miscalculated my astrological sign (a rather weird bit of info to find in a demographic profile); and they tell everyone I’m “self-driven” (thank you very much).

But here’s the most interesting part. There are six people with the same last name living here: me, my husband, our two thirty-something children, and two other people, in their sixties, named Luke and Jean.

Polygamy? Multiple marriage? But maybe just a commune, because, get this: we don’t have central heating.

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2 Responses to My so-called Spokeo life

  1. Maggie says:

    I had a similar experience. Although they need to work on the accuracy of their data, I think Spokeo is really cool. I’m sure you already know this (a lot of people don’t though), but the picture of the streets and homes is from Google Maps/Street View, which has been around for a while. I kept my listing up because I didn’t mind any of the information that was on there, but I helped my friend remove their listing and it was really easy. Anyway, cool post!

  2. M says:

    Yes it is very easy to remove a listing from Spokeo but difficult to remove the same info from many other sites ie: ZoomInfo, ZabaSearch, Radaris, Intelius etc. I’m one who dislikes having my information so accessible especially when it is incorrect. Why do I bother being unlisted in the phone book when the info is all over the web?

    Out of curiosity I typed in a friend’s name who once stayed at my place and it lists my address. No wonder I’m still dealing with her mail and calls. Unfortunately I can not delete my information from being connected to her name which annoys me.

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