For Courtney

Her birthday was two days before mine, we both had younger brothers born in November who liked radio, and so we decided, somewhat illogically, that was why the college made us roommates – more probably, they just wanted the private school (her) and the public (me) to mix it up in their melting pot.

And so, after I got over being intimidated by her glamorous name and her curvy sophisticated writing acquired at that private school, we’ve mixed it up for more years than I care to count; but each year, at least, I get to be younger than she is for two days.

So happy birthday, my old, old, friend.

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4 Responses to For Courtney

  1. terrymarotta says:

    I remember her black black hair and cats’ eyes when she came to Camp Fernwood to see you. I was a camper in your cabin and I remember thinking “I’ll never be glamorous like that! Not me with my think sad eyebrows and my bangs that won’t lie flat.”

    19 you were. I’d never get there I just knew .

  2. M says:

    I too remember her – Happy Birthday Courtney!

  3. Courtney says:

    Thank you for making me feel young again even though I have two days on you. I knew you would be special when your introductory letter suggested that if I wanted to see what you looked like, I should go to a certain page in the current issue of “Seventeen” magazine!

    • celebratingtime says:

      Oh my god I forgot all about that. I just read your comment to Phoebe and she said “Oh, I can’t believe you did that!” What a little narcissist I was!! and credit to you for not despising me sight unseen!

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