Al Gore, we hardly knew ye

I guess we know now why the Gores decided to separate so soon after buying that Montecito house – the massage therapist was about to tell all. And I mean all:

As I began to unpack my things in order to set up for the session, such as table linens and more, he began by dimming the lights way down to near darkness. I objected and told him to turn them up so I could see what I was doing, especially in setting up. Not infrequently, many people prefer lights dimmed for a massage or the room dimly lit but this was unrealistically dimmed. I prefer and insist on enough light to safely determine any skin integrity, bruising or varicosity issues on my clients before massaging a potentially afflicted area and working in too dark of a room makes me sleepy anyway. Besides the hazards of tripping on items unseen on the floor in often cramped hotel rooms cluttered with clients’ personal belongings…

-from the Portland Police report, 12/15/06

And it goes on like this for 73 pages, and no, I haven’t read them all (yet). If she’s lying, which is hard to believe, given the detail, she has quite a career ahead of her as a novelist.

Do you think this means he lied to us about global warming too?

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4 Responses to Al Gore, we hardly knew ye

  1. Curtis says:

    Doesn’t he deserve some slack for being of that delicate age?

  2. datGurl! says:

    this broad and her story are both bs. I cant get over the fact that this supposedly happened in 2006, yet we’re just talkin about it now? And then the semen stained pants she kept for dayumm near 3 yrs. Come on! This is a set up and I dont think it even happened.

    I doubt thats the reason the Gores separated. Some people just realize they have no more to give each other and the thrill is gone. To me I think the fact the ‘mutually agreed’ to the separation is a good thing…

    • celebratingtime says:

      Maybe you’re right – but she sure went to a lot of trouble (73 pages of trouble) for something she was going to wait more than 3 years to make money (maybe?) from.

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