The little things

I wasn’t sure I was going to keep writing here. There’s the problem of getting tired of one’s own voice; of that critical reader hanging annoyingly over one’s shoulder, saying “Who cares about that?”

I saw Larry David yesterday on TV – it was a promo for his Curb Your Enthusiasm show, which is being repeated on the TV Guide network (whatever that is). He was talking in his curmudgeonly way about how shoelaces have gotten too long these days, which is true – have you noticed? They flop all over the place, even if you double knot them; they flap against your ankles if you’re running and trap themselves under your feet doing their best to come untied.

It’s what I really like about Larry David – he notices the little things, even though he’s a rich celebrity who could special-order short shoelaces if he wanted.

And who cares about that? I do.

So thanks to Larry David, I’ve changed the tagline of this blog, and I feel like writing it again. It’s going to be about the little things.

Really, though, it won’t change all that much – because, in the end, all things are little things.

Happy Summer.

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