The Craters of Laki

Laki’s craters erupted on June 6, 1783. The ash cloud lingered over Europe through the summer and into the fall. In America the Mississippi froze at its mouth in New Orleans during the severe winter of 1784.

In Iceland, they called it the time of the Mist Hardships – a quarter of the population died, and 80% of the cattle.

They say two million people around the world died, and that it may been responsible for the famine that resulted in the French Revolution.

So Eyjafjallajökull was nothing, comparatively. Still, I hope we never see anything like this:

…and I really hope we don’t come back knowing how to pronounce it.

I’ve been writing this blog every day since January 6, 2009 (except for one day in May this year when I forgot to push “Publish”), and I’m going to take a break so I don’t inadvertently catch OCD.

Sayonara, or, as they say in Icelandic, kveðja.

See you on June 19, maybe.

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One Response to The Craters of Laki

  1. M says:

    Góða ferð (bon voyage/have a good journey)

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