Another curmudgeonly look at Facebook

“If three of your friends click a Like button for, say, Domino’s Pizza, you might soon find an ad on your Facebook page that has their names and a suggestion that maybe you should try Domino’s too.”

[From a cover article in Time magazine that I won’t bother to link to, because it’s really not all that interesting.]

Are people nuts? Why would anyone want a Domino’s Pizza ad on their page, unless, of course, Domino’s Pizza paid them for it?

I’ve had enough of corporations intruding into my life, thank you very much. When CVS all of a sudden started calling to remind me my prescriptions were about to run out, I was outraged. Who are they to think I can’t manage my own prescriptions? (And they made it hard to get this stopped – you have to call corporate headquarters, they said; and corporate headquarters had one of those infuriating ingratiating female robot voice menus, with no option, of course, for please stop calling me. I finally got through by shouting OPERATOR! OPERATOR! and then, when the quite helpful real human finally came on, controlling myself to ask politely).

And targeted advertising freaks me out. I don’t want billboards talking to me, I don’t want to know where my friends shop (and please don’t even talk to me about shopping; I HATE shopping).

So I’m going to keep my Facebook page just the way it is, with its ghostly avatar and Facebook’s question, which I’ve never answered: “Should we be referring to you as ‘she’ or ‘he’?”

It’s none of your business.

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