Family values in South Carolina, Part 2

“You treat a woman with respect,” Knotts said. “You can get down and dirty with a man. If you don’t have respect for a woman, you don’t have self-respect.”

Okay, we have to add to the list of players in South Carolina. This guy Knotts, a state senator, is – you guessed it – a supporter of Andre Bauer, one of Nikki Haley’s opponents in the gubernatorial race down there. He was explaining that you have to run a political campaign against a woman differently than against a man.

That’s why a second guy has come forward saying he had sex with Haley, and why Bauer had to fire him the minute he heard about it.

If she were really going around sleeping with all these shady characters (both were arrested: Will Folks, the first supposed fornicator, for domestic abuse; Knotts for drunken driving), do you think she’d have decided to run for governor?

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