How to change the news

I just spent half an hour figuring out how to turn all the horrible images you see in the news these days into kittens. It’s called “kittenify,” and you can do it too, if you have an extra half hour, except if you’re Beth, who will hate the whole idea.

First, go here. Next (this is the part that took me half an hour, because I kept bookmarking the page itself instead of the little Kittenify thing), right-click on the underlined, hyperlink word “Kittenfy.” (It’s a good thing Beth won’t want to do this, because she has a mouseless Mac, and right-clicking on it involves some sort of tapping on the touch-pad that’s almost as complicated as one of those solidarity handshakes.) You’ll see “bookmark this link”; do so.

Then go to some page like MSNBC that has a lot of photos, or you could try this one, which has a three picture slide show; click your bookmark, and voila! Kittens! (They’re a little weird-looking, unfortunately, since they have to fit themselves into the original pictures’ space, but if you were a kitten trying to replace an oil spill you might look a little strange too.)

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One Response to How to change the news

  1. Don says:

    Amanda and I love this!

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