Today, use Bing

I’m so out of it I’d forgotten all about Pac Man, and when I clicked on the Google Doodle to find out what it was nothing happened; and then I noticed the little “insert coin” box, so I inserted a coin and the little Pac Men started running around, but I couldn’t remember how to play, if indeed I ever did know; and so apparently I was still in the middle of the game when I tried typing May 22 into the little search box, but the letter “a” didn’t work, and lots of other letters didn’t work, and then some sort of siren started and I was afraid the Google, of all things, had infected my computer; but then it said “Game Over,” and took me to a page of results about how it’s the 30th anniversary of Pac Man.

So then I tried it again, and found I could move the little jaw icons on the bottom, but I wasn’t sure whether they or the cute little Pac Men were the good guys.

That’s what happens when you’re old enough to have forgotten how to play something that you don’t even remember whether you knew how to play it or not, 30 years ago.

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