Mr. Mason’s lesbians

Mr. Mason said the presence of women on submarines would put an end to the kind of camaraderie “that involves close physical contact, like man hugs and bottom pats” that sailors use to cope with the pressure of extended deployments.

I just have to talk about this again. What is it with these guys? Or at least this particular guy?

If women are around, he says, men will no longer be able to hug other men or pat their bottoms? Why? Because there’s something wrong with hugging and patting other men? Because the women will think they’re gay?

Put this together with poor sick George Rekers down in Florida, the guy whose “rent boy” went with him on vacation, who hated his gay self so much he told lawmakers why gay couples were unfit to adopt children, and got paid thousands of dollars in return…

and with all the other politicians and evangelicals whose homophobia is suddenly revealed as homophilia…

and you begin to wonder what would happen if those hugging bottom-patting men on the submarines had more women around. Women, hugging other women as women tend to do (leaving out the bottom patting part)…

Mr. Mason would probably sell tickets to the lesbian porn show.

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